I’m Beautiful…Dammit!

I need this shot in the arm of sass today because I am a mess of insecurities. I feel chubby, irritable, and like a friend failure for not having enough time for the people I care most about.

If I could, I’d remain in this state, balled up and frustrated, drawing pictures and not talking to anyone. But right as I started to get cozy in my little hole of shame and self-pity, my darling friend reminded me of my favorite song, “I’m Beautiful, Dammit”, by Bette Midler. It’s loud and obnoxious and allows for no whining. And I think I need to follow her lead, shout out that I’m beautiful despite the character flaws I see so clearly. I’m beautiful whether I can be a perfect friend or not have the perfect figure or not.

Today I need to be ok just being human and, someday, I’ll feel different than I do right now. Perhaps that day I’ll feel confident about my body or have the energy to make phone calls to the people I love. But today, I can’t and that must be ok.

I’m a beautiful mess and I need some courage. So I’m going to sing this song and I’m going to face this day as the flawed human I am.

Why? You guessed it:

I'm Beautiful Dammit - Song by Bette Midler, Illustration by Emily Rogers.

I’m Beautiful Dammit – Song by Bette Midler, Illustration by Emily Rogers.

Oh, if you don’t own this song, listen now, it’s so Bette: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWsc2nuUg-s

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5 Responses to I’m Beautiful…Dammit!

  1. Annemieke Roell says:

    Yes you are, dammit!!!


  2. Diane Harris says:

    I loved your post and I love Bette’s song, too. I’m amazed that you’re insecure about anything, Em. You truly ARE beautiful and talented, and now you’re heading into a life of love and blessing with your best friend. It’s blue skies all around!


  3. adexoxox says:

    As always, just beautiful…always, in every way.


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