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LaurenScottLauren Scott is one of my childhood best friends. I asked her to create a piece to share on the blog because her artwork is profound, inspirational, and needs to be shared. She paints with traditional and metallic watercolors on rough, handmade paper or old postcards (it’s gorgeous, right?). 

Lauren is a Colorado native but lived abroad (and left a part of her heart) in Cape Town, South Africa. This painting is about home, enjoy!

Lauren Scott, 2014

Lauren Scott, 2014

“I want to go home.” She cried as big, crocodile tears ran down her face. We sat helpless to comfort her or to relieve her pain, all we could do was sit and hold her hand. I looked into my grandmother’s 94 year old face but she was gone, lost in another time and space in painful memories. Her current home was a nursing home in Delaware, far from the home she longed for.

What makes a home? Is it a place where your most beloved belongings are stored and kept? A place where you can open the top button of your jeans and feel at peace? A place where your family waits until you return with arms eager to embrace?

Home whispers the longing for childhood innocence and simplicity. Unfortunately for some, home was a nightmare and not a safe haven. Home was the place where you were kicked out of or ran away from. Home was full of monsters. Home can be a complicated place and yet a sacred place.

When I think of home, I experience a deep longing. A longing for something I can’t readily describe in words but a deep desire to be known and loved for who I am. I have experience glimpses of home with family and friends, in foreign lands filled with adventure and loneliness and at times in the expression of my faith. I don’t think home will be fully experienced until heaven when all is made right and whole but I am learning to be okay with it.

John O’ Donohue wrote a blessing entitled, “To Come Home to Yourself”:

May all that is unforgiven in you
Be released.
May your fears yield
Their deepest tranquilities
May all that is unlived in you
Blossom into a future
Graced with love.

~May you experience some peace and shalom this year.

If you’d like to see her other work, please shoot her an email: laurenhscott@comcast.net or lohillco.wordpress.com

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