Meet Lynda – My Art Hero


Meet Lynda Finch. Second mother to me (yes, that’s my mom and her in all their pre-teen glory). Artiste extraordinaire. And new partner on my blog!

I will be featuring her work because we share a similar vision: telling stories through art. Every painting, illustration, and story were created with purpose to speak truth and give hope. And our goal is to challenge YOU to be brave, fight to find your identity in Christ and live with passion, dreams, and drive.

Up first: Firebird.

In real life this painting is a huge, 2 section piece of work.

I chose it first because I relate to the bird. I have sat under the waters of life and been drenched. But I was not made to sit and allow myself to be drenched forever. I was born to fight the waves, raise my wings, and fly.

I was born to light up this world. And I believe you were too.

If you love Lynda’s art, check out her site, everything is for sale, and she is worth the investment!

About Laura Emily Illustration

Use my talents in communication, graphic design, video and animation to promote, articulate and foster stories that increase customer loyalty, interest and passion for your brand.
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One Response to Meet Lynda – My Art Hero

  1. gabiruth says:

    Love it! 🙂 xo


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