Eye on the Prize

It’s a race to that target and I am ready to roll. I like to tackle life as it comes, with all my might and all my enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, my process gets me a little scuffed up…but I know I’d rather try and try and give my all than give up too soon.

My encouragement to you today is take a step towards the thing you love. Put fear in it’s place. And go. And when you crash, get up. Do it again.

Post your story here when you hit your target. I’ll celebrate with you!

Wind Up

Wind Up

Wind Up

Wind Up

Wind Up

Wind Up

Wind Up

About Laura Emily Illustration

Use my talents in communication, graphic design, video and animation to promote, articulate and foster stories that increase customer loyalty, interest and passion for your brand.
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4 Responses to Eye on the Prize

  1. Taryn says:

    This might be my favorite post yet =) I can totally relate!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. You are brilliant.


  2. Diane Harris says:

    I want those wheels on my bike.


  3. Laura Rogers says:

    What a perfect self portrait! I love it.


  4. This is AMAZING. Oh my gosh, Em. Love this!! Your mind is amazing!


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