Nearness – Art Show

I was on a journey last year. I had created brilliant, adventurous, all-consuming plans for my life. I knew exactly where I was going and who I wanted to be. But tragedy struck before I could take even the first step. And I was instantly faced with a new reality. No direction. No path.

The theme of the Denver Community Church art show, where I displayed this piece, was was nearness, or propinquity. But I don’t understand nearness right now. I understand distance.

To me, nearness is a decision and it is rarely tangible. More often, it is distance that feels real. But I am determined to believe that God is always near whether I feel Him or not.

Join me tonight and choose to trust that He is near, that He is fighting for us, and preparing a way.

And someday, we’ll find land.

About Laura Emily Illustration

Use my talents in communication, graphic design, video and animation to promote, articulate and foster stories that increase customer loyalty, interest and passion for your brand.
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7 Responses to Nearness – Art Show

  1. Hannah says:

    LOVE THIS. Seriously.


  2. Emily says:

    Em! This is so perfect, friend. I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing your heart and your talent so well. And thank you for encouraging us to choose to trust and to keep on paddling. Love you!!


  3. Adrienne says:

    I like the word, “propinquity” because it implies a drawing close, proximity. I’ve found, for myself, as I’ve been intentional in drawing close to God, He’s reciprocated. Thank you for sharing this beautiful art and the ponderings that go with it. I’m so sorry the storm came…praying you find Him in the calm, and in the pursuit to keep paddling.


  4. Taryn says:



  5. Suzan says:

    Talent with substance!


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