Could not have said it better. Be real friends, and it is crucial to allow your art reflect it. Thanks Tricia!


What’s the deal with Christian art? Why is some of it – most of it – so boring, so two-dimensional? Who delights in two dimensions? Who delights in black and white when we could see with brilliant color?

Are we afraid we’ll misrepresent God with an angry poem? A story without a happy ending? A dark painting? A song that doesn’t clearly evoke the message of The Gospel?

Whatever. That’s boring to me. Life is too short to be anything but real.

Grace is real and messy and dark and light. And it makes great art.

Christian art is by no means always religious art, or art which deals with religious themes.

Francis Schaeffer, in “A Christian Philosphy of Literature,” wrote this goodness:

God’s creation — the mountains, the trees, the birds, and the birds’ songs — are non-religious art. Think about that. If God made the flowers, they are…

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