The Dream…

This is my 20th skating anniversary.


If that sounds like a long time, you’re right, I’m only 27. Which means that for 7,300 days, 182,500 hours, 10,950,000 minutes, I have laced up skates and frozen my toes. The point? Love of the dream.

Only now am I realized a major error in my thinking…that my perception of success was directly linked to making the Olympic team. How wrong I was.

Do you have a death grip on your dream? I encourage you to give it some slack and reevaluate. God is a master of this stuff and I am so glad I finally let go. Now I can take pride on my accomplishments rather than shame for what I didn’t achieve.

Here’s a story, I hope you can relate:

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5 Responses to The Dream…

  1. adexoxox says:

    Beautiful, Emily! And a grand reminder of when we lose sight of the Giver of Dreams, how very tragic it may turn. When I share with groups of women this is part of it…I tell them the dreams I once had, my reality, and how those dreams may not manifest the way I had imagined, but are sometimes more beautiful than I had imagined.

    Keep writing and making beautiful art! Love it!


    • Emily Rogers says:

      Thanks Adrienne! I so agree, if we don’t learn to check our intentions and motivations, when we are disappointed with the lack of recognition/glory, we become bitter. Scary stuff. I do not want to become bitter!


  2. tarynbrandt says:

    This is beautiful Emily… you are truly an artist and so beautiful inside and out. I always remember looking up to you as a skater when I skated at DU so many years ago and cheering for you at competitions. Now here we are- and this is such a powerful realization and post. You are something special =)


    • Emily Rogers says:

      Taryn, this is the absolute sweetest note. I loved skating with you and I LOVE that you are still kicking butt! Jessica and I did axels yesterday, that’s the extent of my jumping! Thank you so much for your sweet words and support!


  3. annette rogers says:

    Cuzin Emily you are very wise!


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