Silence – Friend or Foe?

I avoid silence like a plague. I fill time with as much distraction as possible; TV, radio, phone…life.

But 2 weeks ago, I went to Mill City Church and I realized how strong this insecurity has become. I realized even church has become a noisy band-aid allowing me to avoid my thoughts.

A stroke of genius and a bold plan from Pastor Aaron Stern and the worship team allowed silence to reign in church. And for the first time, maybe ever, I was able to focus on the words I sang and truly worship.

Here’s how they did it: they dropped the lights and flashed white text on the screen. Type instead of voices. Lyrics instead of band. People sang acapella and the stage was dark. But the lack of musical accompaniment didn’t stop the congregation from singing. Hearing the voices of hundreds of people around me singing because they wanted to sing, not because they were following the leader, was the most powerful experience I’ve ever had in church.

Please don’t mistake me, I love a good worship band, I just want to say thank you Mill City Church, for breaking the rules that week, and refocusing me on the true heart behind worship: praising God, and focusing on Him alone.

I created this moving picture to illustrate 1 Kings 19:11 and Exodus 14:14 because I need to remember that the voice of God isn’t in noise and distraction, it is in a whisper. Are you willing to allow silence to hear a whisper?


Thanks @mill_citychurch @wtongue @aaronstern for inspiring this blog!

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