I have been living in a wilderness.

Tragedy has altered my goals and the death of my dad acted as a sieve allowing everything but the most precious dreams to fall through.

I had to fight through the riffraff of what I thought I wanted from life, find the root of each dream, and eliminate the fluff. I journal every night, pray all day, and actively seek advice from friends.

This process has created a strange connection for me, to the Israelites. I’m starting to understand the frustration of their seemingly aimless journey through the wilderness. God told these people He would lead them to a promised land. 40 years later they arrived. And during that whole time, all they had to rely on was a promise.

Is my faith strong enough to endure the wilderness?

Today, as I write this post, I have more clarity than I did in December and I know exactly what I want: a closer walk with God, family, and friends, and I want to be published someday. That’s it.

This story is called “Wilderness” because it tells my story and I feel I am finally getting closer to the promised land. I wonder if you are walking this same test…if you are, know that you are not alone.

Maybe we could walk a bit of the journey together.

About Laura Emily Illustration

Use my talents in communication, graphic design, video and animation to promote, articulate and foster stories that increase customer loyalty, interest and passion for your brand.
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9 Responses to Wilderness

  1. Jennifer says:



  2. Cassie Nieder says:

    This is so beautiful Emily!!


  3. Amy Pontius says:

    Emily, I am so happy to have happened upon this. Your words are true, and clear, I love the the expressions of raw humanity in a need for trust and faith that is more then just a sweet painted tile on a wall.


    • Emily Rogers says:

      Thanks Amy! I agree, faith is so much more than just a fluffy slogan that does nothing for you when the storms come. And I’m glad I serve a God who has a plan to rescue us from wilderness!


  4. laurenhscott says:

    Emily! This is so poignant. You are so talented and brave…I can only imagine what you are going through, but I so look up to you as you journey through this with the Lord. I love how you have incorporated the illustrations with your sweet words! It is beautiful!!!


    • Emily Rogers says:

      Oh thanks Lauren! I’m so glad you’re being encouraged. Especially since you are so far from home. I imagine you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, but it can’t be easy. So it’s great if these stories make you smile!! You are a kindred spirit and I love you.


  5. Absolutely amazing friend!!!! You always amaze me!!


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