Love – Are You Determined?

I’m determined to love. But not the fairy tale, easy-when-convenient kind. I’m talking about the gritty, raw, unexpected type.

For years I’ve claimed to love love but never real love, just the idea of it. Until heartbreak, loss, and disappointment struck me and I was faced with a decision: pretend that my idea was enough or redefine it.

So I choose to redefine it, based on God’s perspective. I realize that being loved by another person or finding the perfect life calling is wonderful. But if I am rooted in my faith, and if my identity is in Christ, all other gifts will just add to my joy. Isn’t that love?

I’m determined to love. And not confine love to an object or just a handful of people, but to love life just as it is, love the people around me just as they are, love my God even when I have no idea what direction He’s taking me.

Are you determined to love?

Determined to love

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One Response to Love – Are You Determined?

  1. anita says:

    lovveeee it Em and yes I’m determined to love 😉


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