I’m Determined!

Unemployment, life trauma, moving to different cities, and traveling far too much has impacted my think patterns.

It all started about a few months ago when I realized I couldn’t catch a normal breath. I went to the doc thinking I had Asthma but found out I have the highest possible oxygen content for a Coloradan. Not Asthma…anxiety.

My negative thought patterns were directly impacting my ability to intake oxygen, unacceptable. But once I understood what was going on, I was able to stop it.

If my thoughts are affecting my breathing, what else are they poisoning?

I started to rewind my life and think about all those years on the ice and my dreams of making it to the Olympics. And I realized I never fought to win gold, I just wanted to make it to the games and carry a flag. I have always thought that would be enough, to participate. I never even considered all that hard work should set me up for gold.

As an adult I do the same things. I need a job. But I have a choice here. I could settle and take the first job that picks me, or one that I work for and dream about and will stick with.

I’m determined to reprogram my brain. I must learn to think and react differently to life. And I have a feeling some of you need to do the same thing.

So I’m starting a blog series called “I’m determined to….”

I will be posting different pics for you to download, print, or share with friends. I figure we can start small and conquer our thoughts before they take over!

Today, I’m determined to FIGHT! I’m going to fight negativity, apathy, doubt, worry, criticism…!

Are you determined?

I’m determined to fight!

About Laura Emily Illustration

Use my talents in communication, graphic design, video and animation to promote, articulate and foster stories that increase customer loyalty, interest and passion for your brand.
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2 Responses to I’m Determined!

  1. EmK says:

    I’m determined to ENJOY


  2. Annemieke Roell says:

    Good for you, Em. Throughout the years I have found that the big bumps in my life such as losing Jack to cancer and fighting cancer myself, that hope and positive thinking is 3/4 the battle. You GO dear girl!!!


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