9th Grade Journal – Exposed

Please note: These are true stories taken word for word from my journal. Some of the pictures shown could cause snickering or laughter, both are encouraged.

December 15, 1999

I was standing in the church and Amber and Ashley came in and acted like they had never seen me before, and they walked right by me! I thought I could slap them. Usually they at least they nod their heads. I will not be inviting them anywhere anymore. I’m not even going to try and call them.

I can’t wait till Sunday! One of my true friends is having a Christmas party. It will be so much fun! The best thing is that she invited her friend Joe (he’s my friend too) and hopefully Joe will bring his older bro, Jake (he’s 15). Maybe I’ll be able to make him my friend and possibly Amber and Ashley won’t be able to catch him in their claws as they have with every other guy that walks into youth group.

Although its going to be tough, I’m praying that he could be my friend and not another one of the “popular girls'” admirers. At least I’ll always be Joe’s friend, even if Jake gets caught in one of their traps.

I have to stop writing about them, I’m making myself sick.

March 22, 2000

I can’t believe it! N*SYNC’s new CD finally came out.

I read in a magazine that it was supposed to be out in November and it never showed. Then they said it would come out in February, wrong again. By this point I thought I was going to SCREAM. The next date was March 7, by then I just assumed they were wrong again, CORRECT!

So after a year of waiting, its out!

I still can’t grasp the fact that I’m listening to it right now!

February 1, 2000

List of Characters: (names have been changed to protect the identities of the friends in these entries)

Jake – Super hot sophomore | Brad – Dreamiest man on the planet, also an older dude | Jacki – BFF

I had the best time at camp. I don’t think I’ve had such a wonderful week in a long time. On Saturday we were going to go skiing.

At breakfast, Jake grossed out all the girls so bad that none of us could eat our breakfast. He said, “Don’t drink the milk because it smells like B.O.” He kept going on and on. That was so bad because it’s kind of a good thing to drink before you go skiing.

After we arrived at the slopes, everybody left Brad, Jacki and I alone. I was so mad at them because we told them to wait, but it was definitely ok to be with those guys. Jacki and I were able to keep up with Brad even when he did blues (they were almost black, they could have been.)

Later on everybody was with us. I had gone off the jump a couple of times and was sitting with Jake and Brad. Then…I could not believe it, they (Brad) actually wanted me to go with them. After that I got to go on the lift with just Brad, he was so nice.

On the way home, I rode with Jake, Brad, and Jacki. Once again Jake made me sick. I said I wanted to go to the pool but he goes, “You don’t want to swim in a pee pool.” What made it worse was Brad agreed with him.

That night at dinner I was once again too grossed out and too sick to eat. Jake just had to make yet another comment about the food. He said, “Emily, are those maggots on your plate?” I was so mad because the food was so good there.

I don’t know what was wrong with Brad because he put 5 packets of sugar in his water. I said, “That’s so gross.” And he goes, “Well its better than swimming in a pee pool.” But I came back and said, “At least I’m not drinking it.”

Sunday morning was the first meal I was able to eat in peace. I was so happy too because we had cinnamon rolls, tater tots, and so much more.

I have never experienced a more awesome week in all my life. I think it was even better than the week I saw BSB in concert!

October 31 – Backstreet Boys Concert

This has been the best day in the history of my life. Shaina dropped me off at my house and while she was getting something to eat I checked the messages and got the surprise of my life.

“Emily,” my dad said, “Steve dropped off 5 free Backstreet Boys tickets on our doorstep so get yourself ready and we’ll go in a little bit.”

I could not stand up. For years I had been waiting for this and my dream finally came true. God had answered my prayers once again.

I just thought of something…what if whoever is reading this right now probably doesn’t know who these Backstreet Boys, who I keep talking about, look like. So here they are:

While we were at the concert, me, Tonya, Shirley, and Monkey saw a really cute guy. So they went over to him and asked him to join our party up in the suite. It was so awesome. The guy’s name was Matt and he was 17 years old with blonde hair.

He was awesome, but, when we got in the car, we realized that none of the pictures would come out! The film was put in wrong!! I thought I would die.

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  1. Holly says:

    You know that I am sitting here trying to figure out all these pseudonyms. 🙂 Miss you!


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